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At 08:53 PM 11/17/2009, Mitch Miller wrote:
>From: "V L'Ecuyer" <lecuyerv at gmail.com>
>I have a new and different Grammar Question. In the USA we generally append
>an "s" to an acronym or initialism to indicate multiples.
>Frex: ATM (singular) ATMs (plural); RSVP (singular) RSVPs (plural)
>At the day job we have this little thing called an RFI (Request For
>Information). The plural that is commonly used is "RFIs". When removed from
>the initialism format, it becomes "Requests for Information" based on the
>grammar of nouns, prepositions, and so on.
>The question is this: is "RsFI" an acceptable plural form of "RFI"? If so,
>where (ie. country)? and why(grammatical rules)?
>That is correct.  When the first word of a phrase is the noun, and the following
>word(s) are adjectival, the noun takes the plural, not the adjective or preposition:
>e.g., Sergeants Major, not Sergeant Majors; Attorneys General, not Attorney Generals.
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