[LMB] vampires

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Tue Oct 6 12:50:13 BST 2009

On Oct 5, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Raye Johnsen wrote:

> --- On Tue, 10/6/09, Robert Woodward <robertaw at drizzle.com> wrote:
>> I was a bit unclear; I hope to see urban fantasy/paranormal
>> romance
>> without vampires, werewolves, or immortal fey.
> Featuring... what, exactly?  Mermaids, dryads, dragons etc are all  
> distinctly rural.  It's only wizards, fey, vampires and werewolves,  
> which feed/get their living off humans, that could logically thrive  
> in the urban environment.

I don't believe our Lady's imagination is limited to those  
stereotypical fantasy types.

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