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Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Fri Oct 9 13:56:07 BST 2009

Howard Brazee wrote:
> On Oct 8, 2009, at 7:32 PM, William A Wenrich wrote:
>>Another movie that was better for the Hays code was Casablanca. It  
>>is much
>>better when Ilsa does not stay with Rick.
> Besides Hays code movies, movies from countries with political  
> censoring can be better for the censoring.   It's interesting that so  
> many movies from the U.S.S.R. can be watched as being political - with  
> the politics behind the action.

yes .. for instance there is a VERY nice 60-ies movie, made in the 
former DDR , that handles the WW2 german rocket program .."Die 
gefrorenen Blitze" - "the frozen lighnings" .. its much better then 
most of the modern documentaries ..

> When the sex or politics can't be explicit - the writers and directors  
> find ways to add it anyway - and they think harder about doing it,  
> very often producing better art.

another example - coming from a different direction - for this 
phenomena is "Jaws" .. the reason why you see so little of shark (you 
mostly only hear the musical theme .. and the results of its attacks) 
is that the mechnaical shar did not work .. forcing the director to be 
more creative ..



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