[LMB] OT: Movies v. Books

Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Sat Oct 10 13:45:23 BST 2009

Laura Gallagher wrote:
> One of my favorite examples of book to movie is The Man Who Would Be
> King - I think it may even be better.  But then they had the sense to
> start with a short story.  I think the general problem is they start
> with stuff that's just too long for a 2 hour movie without butchering
> it.

For anyone here who hasn't seen this movie - see it now!

Houston originally planned to make it 30 years earlier with Bogart and 
Gable, but I think Connery and Caine worked out better.

In many ways, it's a Bujold movie - "Forward Momentum!" that ultimately 
gets sunk by hubris. With a lot of interesting incidents in between.

Alex H

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