[LMB] LQ #72: Evocative Bujold (Tues. Oct. 13th, 2009)

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List Question (LQ) #72: Evocative Bujold (Tues. Oct. 13th, 2009)

Food & drink play a large role in our lives and can vary a lot between cultures.

What is your favorite* example of food or drink (or a meal) in any of
the Bujold stories and why?
Please include a description of the particular scene if it helps
explain why it's your favorite.

A related extra question:

Does read any Bujold story evoke a craving in yourself for some
particular food or drink?
(not necessarily a food or drink described in the story)

*since we've just had a discussion about a lot of people hating the
dinner party scene in ACC, let's not have a repeat discussion of that,
so no least favorites for this question!  Feel free to refer to the
dinner party scene or the butter bugs if they are your favorite

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