[LMB] LQ#72: Recipe: Apple butter

Becca becca_price at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 14 22:16:54 BST 2009

Having just finished making 13 jars of apple butter (the apples were *really* good this year) I can speak to apple butter.

Make a ton of apple sauce. Add a couple of cups to a quart of really good apple cider. Throw in a cinnamon stick or three, depending on how cinnamon-y you like it. Put in a slow cooker on high. Cook down to maybe 1/2 to 1/3 the original volume. Run it through a food mill again to break up the pectin clumps if you like it smoother. process in a hot water bath 5-10  minutes, depending on the size of the jar you're using.

wonderful in the middle of winter on toasted bagels or rye bread.



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