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We had a case here in Indianapolis last year. A small pioneer cemetery next to I-69 was excavated last year and the remains moved to Crown Hill Cemetery. I'm not sure how much storage time was necessary, Crown Hill is over 500 acres and nowhere near full. The new graves could have been ready in advance. I suppose they could have stored the coffins temporarily at the cemetery mortuary or chapel if they needed to. The Indianapolis Star ran some articles on the process.

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> I'm batting around an idea for a story, but I need to know some things.
> specifically, about moving cemeteries.  I know it's seldom done, if  
> only because it's a giant PITA, but sometimes it's necessary.
> How is it done?  Do they just store the coffins in any old warehouse  
> after digging them up, or are there special requirements for storage?   
> I know there'd be tons of paperwork, but how do they keep track of  
> which coffin goes with which gravestone?
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