[LMB] OT: correct words, was torture

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Mon Oct 19 21:19:33 BST 2009

Natali Vilic' wrote:
> Feels, oddly, good to know that this is a global problem...
> I can't stand hospitals for many reasons but this one 
> is certainly not the last on the list.
It very much is last on my list.

> And the looks on their faces when a patient asks 
> an articulate question - "It spoke! It can speak! It dares 
> to speak!!!"
Maybe I'm just clueless, but when I (as a patient) talk with medical 
personnel, it is just like talking with people.

But we've seen before that people get offended sometimes by what I've 
written - and I study and study what I've written to find out how to 
improve my communication - and fail miserably.

My wife sometimes tells me about someone talking - and her voice shows 
strongly that those people had strong attitudes - which I never heard in 
their voice the original time. In her case, I'm sure that she was using 
the voice she heard - modified by her expectations and biases. Because I 
could hear it in her quote, but not in the original.

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