[LMB] OT: female plumbing - is there really such a thing

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Thu Oct 22 03:01:52 BST 2009

Well, I have had a long, involved life as a Hormone Hostage (there was a 
humor book by that name; the quiz on the back cover asked if you collected 
a) Dove Bars and/or b) hollow-point bullets, among other questions to 
determine if you were one). During lots of research, I found out that some 
of the cramping is caused by prostaglandins, herinafter referred to as The 
Evil Ones. The really unpleasant part of this is that the same Evil Ones 
also play merry h*ll with my sort-of arthritis (long family history of 
getting hip joints replaced around age 70). What fun. If I had only done 
something about my anemia, like taking iron All the Time, or soothe my 
fevered emotions with evening primrose oil, I would have been a lot happier 
and nicer to be around. But as I approach the end of this part of my life 
(don't miss the seven days of stuck pig time and cramping, believe me, but I 
do sort of miss losing all that water weight, which I appear to be keeping 
forever now), I find that black cohosh works for me reasonably well for hot 
flashes--and I don't care if the evidence is anecdotal; don't care if it's a 
placebo as long as it works!

Where am I going here? It's just that having one's body change so 
drastically over time is sort of interesting, like being a really slow 
motion metamorphagus. Oh, and I would like to eat salt again someday, but it 
won't be for a while; my fingers swell up instead of my blood pressure going 
up, but given that I have salt-sensitive high blood pressure on both sides 
of the family, I decided to listen to my fingers first.

Sorry for the rambling; I'm going to have two days off, so my body (and 
mind) feel free to collapse. A little bit anyway.

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net
excessiveperky at LJ
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