[LMB] OT: halloween food

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu Oct 22 23:14:50 BST 2009

--- On Thu, 10/22/09, Raye Johnsen <raye_j at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Pumpkin pie and apples, normally bobbed for.  

Bobbing sounds messy. But pumpkin pie is one of my favourite foods.

> Halloween is the festival of the dead; we don't 'celebrate'
> it here in Australia, but it is considered... respectful, I
> suppose is the best word, to eat those meals suitable for
> wakes and funerals, depending on your cultural tradition.

What food is suitable for wakes and funerals?  "Funeral-bak'd meats", I suppose, thinking of Hamlet. Any funeral I've been to has had buffet food.
> Wear horns and a grease-stained overall and go as the
> Mechanical Gremlin that stuffs up everybody's appliances?

Good one!


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