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Alex Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Fri Oct 23 15:09:02 BST 2009

Eric Oppen wrote:
> I honestly don't know if "monster" status is, or can be innate---but I  
> have known of adopted children who were adopted as infants who turned  
> out a lot more like their unpleasant birth-parents than like the  
> families that raised them, despite all the love and care you could ask  
> for.  I'd say that the whole "tabula rasa" theory is, at least,  
> seriously questionable, and that tendencies of this sort can probably  
> be inherited.

Part of the reason that I believe in "born monsters" is my observation 
of adopted cousins once removed. It is VERY clear that they took after 
their birth parents. One was able to absorb the wise lessons that he 
learned, and is more family than some family. The other never benefited 
in the least from family inclusion/teaching/assistance and has obviously 
reflected the nature of whoever the (expletive of your choice goes here) 
gene donors were.

One of my favorite examples is an organization, now absorbed by the 
Greater Good Charitable Blob, called The Cradle. In Evanston IL, The 
Cradle was created for Northwestern bastards. They were considered the 
cream of adoptees, because their parents were intelligent and gentille 
(Bob Hope's four children were adopted from there). However, they were 
also born of risk-taking and imprudent actions. So you can see that mix 
playing out in Hope's heirs and undoubtedly in other allums.

Alex H
who thinks biologic-based sex ed is good so that people don't think that 
they can get pregnant kissing (and the rest is irrelevant)

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