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Sat Oct 24 04:12:11 BST 2009

Timothy said:

 I thought that Herself had explicitly said that Tien had BPD, and that this was corroborated by a number of people who had had experiences in real life with people with BPD and recognized it in 


Me:  Yes, but they're still not sure what causes BPD (re the wikipedia article you linked).  If he had a genetic tendency towards it, but it hadn't manifested yet, it's possible the trauma of the mutation (and his brother's suicide, of course) might have triggered it.  In other words, he may have been a borderline borderline personality disorder instead of a full blown case without the trauma.


Helen wrote:

 No - in my experience it took my husband only 9 months after our  marriage to put me in hospital. Unfortunately it also killed my twin daughters who were born 2 1/2 months premmie and died shortly after birth.

Me:  How awful!  As someone else said (sorry, I get the digests, and didn't note who), I'm glad you survived the experience.


Regarding Ekaterin and Tien, I vaguely recall Ekaterin reflecting that the relationship didn't truly go sour until Tien started stalking her, believing she was unfaithful. Since it was part of the recollection of Tien's attempts to kill himself, I'd presumed the stalking occurred after the mutation was discovered, and that things were fairly normal until that point (though he did convince her to do a body birth because it would be cheaper, so maybe I'm trying to find an out for him that he didn't deserve).


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