[LMB] was LQ #73, now a comment on Ges Vorrutyer

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 24 09:22:39 BST 2009

> Raye wrote:
> [Piotr] systematically murdered every half-Cetagandan
> baby or child they could find in his District despite
> Xav pleading with him to stop.
then provided textev for the assertion:
> Miles's discussion with the Vorbrettens, A Civil Campaign.
> Rene: "I shouldn't think he could have known, or he would 
> surely have killed the boy. And the boy's mother."
> Miles: "I'm not so sure. The Occupation was a strange time.
> I'm thinking about how the bastard war played out in
> the Dendarii region." Miles blew out his breath. 
> "Ordinary known Cetagandan by-blows were usually aborted
> or killed as soon as possible. [...] He hurried on. "The 
> Cetagandans weren't the only people to object to that
> game. Some Barrayarans hated it too, and took it as a
> blot on our honor - Prince Xav, for instance.  I know
> he argued vehemently with my grandfather against it.

It's a big leap from this conversation to asserting that Piotr killed the babies himself.  It's a big leap from this conversation even to Piotr ordered the babies killed.  

I always read this as Piotr allowed it to happen and Xav wanted Piotr to order it stopped.  I couldn't decide if Piotr agreed with the solution (is being half-Cetagandan a mutation?), or simply considered it a distraction to the real goal of winning the war on the grounds that stopping infanticide would distract the troops and divide the population.

- Harimad


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