[LMB] New GURPS Vorkosigan PDF Files Available!

Elizabeth McCoy arcangel at io.com
Sat Oct 24 19:20:49 BST 2009

At 11:15 AM -0500 10/24/09, Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:

>*** [...]The actual printed books have color illos, are 
>"hardcover" in a sense [*]

For the tabletop RPG market, they're just called "hardcover." But yeah, 
shiny protective finish, no dust jacket, may or may not be sewn in 
depending on cost, size of book, and how much the construction reps have 
sworn that no, really, this glue won't break. 

>First reports of sightings in the wild awaited with interest. 

Personally, I'm surprised your copy hasn't arrived. I believe the author
copy has made it to the author. (Though those are shipped from the printer,
which is probably in China or India or something, so who knows.)

I'm trying to remember if we ordered ours from our comics brownie, and
hoping we did, and further hoping that it'll show up next Friday with
the comics delivery.
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