[LMB] New GURPS Vorkosigan PDF Files Available!

queenortart queenortart at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 20:34:03 GMT 2009

I have actually played a game now. We were a Vor lorling, (2nd son)
the count's armsman watching over the Vor lordlette, (Me) an Imp Sec
analyst and his lackey, and a Komarran forensic accountant. 2 of us
had a very good knowledge of the books, one had read a couple (How
could anyone just read a couple?!) and 2 who had no idea.

We went to Komarr, fought space pirates, investigated shipping fraud,
and did some stuff with plasma arcs. I got to be extremely loyal to my
Count, and try to prevent my Lordling from getting killed, whilst he
attempted to bonk anything female. I thought the rules were okay, in
the way that everything I've played which is gurps is okay. As I
expected the Universe worked very well as a game setting.

It was good fun, and I'm glad to have tried it prior to shelling out
on the hard back in addition to the pdf I bought immediately but small
caveat. I can't imagine how it would work with Miles there storming in
in his usual fashion.

My two cents

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