[LMB] OT: Reaction to a passage you don't like

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Tue Oct 27 20:55:10 GMT 2009

Laura Gallagher wrote:
> I have noticed that many of us who *do* say we like Ekaterin have said
> we have been in some situation like that ourselves, to one degree or
> another (and I am so grateful that I have never been in as rough a
> situation as some of you have told of!) - we already know that yeah,
> it could be us.
> Laura Gallagher
Hmm. (checks calendar) when Komarr came out I had already been married 
for a few years although we had no children. No abuse, and no firsthand 
contact w ith abusive relationships. I did like her from the first, in a 
sort of quiet and low-key way. If she reminded me of anyone, it was 
probably of Harriet Vane (in her pre-Peter, bad relationship days) by 
Dorothy Sayers.

I was okay with Tien's death scene (he had it coming so very badly) and 
the do-or-die in the docking bay. But the understated scene of "I'd 
better offer sex soon, even though I dislike doing it with him" made me 
green around the gills.


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