[LMB] LQ #76: Paladin of Souls (Thurs. Oct. 29th, 2009)

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Sat Oct 31 00:14:06 GMT 2009

> From: Paula Lieberman <paal at gis.net>
> Date: 30 October 2009 21:22

> From: "Howard Brazee" <howard at brazee.net>
> > FTL space travel isn't real and can never become so.    The lessons

> I wouldn't say "never."  Given contemporary theory, it's not something 
> extant for this world today... but the theory may be wrong or incomplete 
> etc.

But Her Ladyship's characters use wormholes for FTL.

quoting myself
Now, on the principle that Her Ladyship is always right even when she
thinks she's wrong, wormholes and wormhole transits have not, so far, been
shown to be in violation of the laws of physics.

See Kip Thorne  _Black Holes and Time Warps_

Now anti-gravity and artificial gravity (anti-grav and lift tubes in BiA)
may have to be a violation, does anyone know ?

Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames

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