[LMB] Cliche and impossible science in SF - was Paladin of Souls

Thomas Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 31 19:55:30 GMT 2009

Ed Burkhead wrote:

 > I'll bet we'll have ainsibles long before FTL travel

I wonder how likely it is that FTL (by whatever method,
but particularly traversing a wormhole) would be possible
for a human cargo but not for a message drone?  It's
obviously a plus for the Nexus that, like the world of
Hornblower and Maturin, the fastest means of communication
is a ship.  But just how realistic is it?

It seems to me that LeGuin's ansibles (or even Heinlein's
telepathy in _Time for the Stars_) is, not more likely,
but the least UNlikely scenario for the development of FTL.


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