[LMB] OT: SF's continutiy from historical novels appeals to readers - was: Bottle Jacks

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 1 12:37:21 BST 2009

Judy R Johnson wrote:
>   Also, that might pay for hiring the 
> labor for sorting, cleaning and cataloging, the very idea of which is 
> fatiguing - the gallery could arrange for all that, and would, gladly, if 
> there're enough high-value items.  Also, they'd know about tax 
> implications.  
Surely you jest .... sorting cleaning and cataloging is currently being 
done by us *again*... though the paintings in general are not old enough 
to need restoration again [it was professionally done back in the late 
80s as a result of a housefire and the insurance company already paid 
for it ...I will admit that I was NOT upset when the damned Monet of a 
girl in a flowered hat was paid out as a total loss... scared the crap 
out of me when I was very young because the eyes always followed you 
around the room.] We have a couple that are fairly valuable, but the 
furniture is the valuable crap. I already know I get the rolltop and 
chair, and a stickley morris chair and a few tiffany lamps. I cant abide 
the annoying hepplewhite and chippendale crap, and i have even less use 
for freaking marble topped furniture. I rather like craftsman furniture, 
you feel like you can use it. the stupid mother of pearl inlaid chair 
currently hanging out in the hallway and used to stack newspapers on 
before lugging it outside looks like a sharp breath would make it 
implode [it is very solidly made, and useable, I just dont like delicate 
froufrou furniture.] I rather do like art glass, but to be honest, my 
lifestyle isnt the museum display type, I like to *use* stuff. I had a 
friend get all horrified because I served coffee and muffing with the 
damed limoges, but to me that is just the holiday china. <shrug>  The 
stuff would just be better off with collectors. It is sort of a 
selective thing, it is just the same old crap that has been around all 
my life - like the stuff in Vorkosigan Houses attic. Actually, I do have 
a pony saddle that I have to remember to get over to the neighbor for 
his granddaughter...I think I am a bit fat to consider riding a cob..... =)

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