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> > > I've always wondered about this one.  Does
> the emperor have the right to
> > > command a Count's Armsman?  I think not.
> >
> > The answer is yes, at least if the Armsmen are sworn
> to Count Vorbarra.
> >
> > <g, d & r>
> >
> > Dan, ad nausema
> >
> >
> Even more important, the Emperor has the power and the
> right to command any
> citizen of the Empire.  So, yes, the Emperor can
> command a Count's Armsman,
> as Armsman status is granted by giving oath to an officer
> of the Empire.
> Cordelia, in that moment, had just as much power over
> Bothari as the
> Emperor's Voice as Miles does later as an Imperial
> Auditor.  And as Miles
> says so quaintly in *Memory*, "Even ImpSec has to bend and
> spread 'em for an
> Imperial Auditor."  If you are going to believe and
> support an Imperial
> Government, then the ultimate expression of the government
> (the Emperor and
> his designated representatives) has to have the authority
> to give a command
> to anyone and expect it to be obeyed.

But you're ignoring the necessary compromises between Imperial power and the power of the rulers of individual districts. The armsmen are the last vestige of the independent armies of the Counts. When Miles swears Baz, his status as Gregor's vassal is a complication. All of Vordarian's armsmen back him against Gregor and Aral. Roic says that a conflict between the will of the Emperor and Aral's will in case of treason would be a puzzle, but he'd obey the Emperor -because Aral told him to-. 


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