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Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Sun Sep 6 04:02:24 BST 2009

Quoting Claire Nollet <cnollet at gmail.com>:
> Jane -- if you live in the USA and can afford it, if you replace the windows
> THIS year and blow in insulation, you will get HUGE tax credits from the
> Feds when you file your taxes next year.  It's part of the stimulus package,
> encouraging people to make their homes energy-efficient.

I'm in Canada. There's supposed to be a home renovation tax credit  
this year only, but the max is under $1400 and it actually hasn't been  
approved by Parliament so although it has been heavily promoted and  
many people have taken advantage of it, if the government falls before  
passing it, they'll all be hooped. Probably. I think there are energy  
efficiency rebates but we've never had the house tested so have never  
claimed for any of the stuff we've done so far because we can't prove  
that they've made the place more energy efficient. We notice a big  
difference in comfort everywhere we've improved, though. We renovate  
one room every couple of years. We have two more to re-insulate on the  
main floor, and only one of those still needs a replacement window.  
The second floor windows were new in 1988 but they've almost all  
failed and the company won't back their product so we'll replace them  
(from another company). Eventually. If the tax credit does get  
approved I'll submit receipts for the landscaping I've done in the  
front yard

My house is pretty old by Edmonton standards - 62 years - and was  
built as a show home by a local lumber company (as were all the houses  
on this block - all different plans). The insulation was state of the  
art for its day - rock wool with a paper backing for vapour barrier.  
The second floor was just two bedrooms and was unfinished when the  
house was sold to the first owners so the builders filled the cavity  
above the main-floor ceiling with wood chips. We had to shovel them  
out a chute from the front window into a dumpster in the front yard  
when we expanded the second floor. Nightmare.

Ah, the joys of home ownership :)


Jane Starr

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