[LMB] LQ #65: Bujold for here & now (Mon. Sept. 7th, 2009)

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Wed Sep 9 15:19:33 BST 2009

[LMB] LQ #65: Bujold for here & now (Mon. Sept. 7th, 2009)
gpw at uniserve.com gpw at uniserve.com
Wed Sep 9 06:58:55 BST 2009

Quoting "A. Sasha Wagner-Adamo" <acswagner at bellsouth.net>:

 > The Betan license required to produce offspring.  Neither
 > technical, magical nor religious, but I think it would have
 > a tremendous (positive) influence on society on the scale
 > of any technical innovation Lois provided in the Vverse.

Getting people to accept and abide by the restrictions imposed
by such a license however requires significant religious and
sociological changes.  I can envision the world being a better
place in the scope of those changes, but how one gets there
is not apparent to me.  Places like Beta have had many years
(centuries?) to adjust to the consequences of some of these
technologies (or evolved in a manner where they accepted them
as fitting their society.)


*** N.B., there is a lot about Betan culture and society that suddenly 
makes sense when one remembers they were the only Nexus planet to be 
settled by sub-light generation ships, with a trip taking something in 
the neighborhood of forty years.  The social rules for surviving 
shipboard life shaped the new rules planetside, and the planet's 
less-than-friendly climate sustained them.

    Ta, l.

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