[LMB] LQ #65: Bujold for here & now

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 11 12:13:15 BST 2009

Trialia Xua wrote:
> Marilyn Traber wrote:
>> I dont think we should ever *ever* clone an entire human being.
> Even for medical replacement purposes? I know the ethics of that are pretty
> hard to deal with, but I'll be honest, I might have a few qualms about the
> idea, but I would still take it if it were offered, since my two major
> disabling health problems are both systemic. A brain transplant into a new
> body wouldn't get rid of my bipolar disorder, most likely, but it sure could
> deal with the fibromyalgia and EDS/HMS. =P
> Tria
Sorry, I hold that that is murder, if it is a full clone, it has a 
brain, and a soul, and is a person.

Unless something can be cloned without a brain, and I dont think that is 
possible to do without fetal surgery to remove the one that *was* 
growing there, and that is also in my view murder.

Believe me, I could use a total body replacement to deal with my overall 
health issues as well, but I will be happy with a new pancreas  and an 
adjustment to my overall metabolism. Thankfully I have no brain 
chemistry issues [and someone was trying to convince me I had fibro ... 
but I do *not*, I just have a bunch of other organic damage that causes 
overall body pain.]

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