[LMB] LQ #66: captive audience (Thurs. Sept. 10th, 2009)

Tom Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 15 15:14:48 BST 2009

Elizabeth Holden on being stuck in the lift with Miles:
>Even putting aside the notion that he'd probably find a
>way to get out quickly, what would be so bad about his

Pat Mathews counters:
>Him jittering all over me and talking a mile a minute
>the way he did poor Rowan?

When I first saw this question Miles popped into my
mind as the one I'd least like to be trapped with
(barring several who might slit my throat to preserve
oxygen).  But the more I think about it, the better
company I think he'd be.

Unless he'd done something stupid to get us stuck in
the first place I don't think he would get jittery
about the situation itself, and I certainly wouldn't
bring out the jitters the way Rowan (or Haut Rian)
did:-)  Even staying away from Impsec-related matters I
could probably start an interesting conversation by
asking about elevator-like mechanisms in artificial
gravity.  Or if I felt really adventurous, 5-space

Elizabeth again:
>--- On Thu, 9/10/09, Alex Haropulos <aharo at erols.com> wrote:
>> Miles would probably go batcr at p.
>I'm not sure what your missing vowel is there; I'm not
>familiar with the word.  Do you mean he'd go
>hyperactive? Or panic?

The form I've always heard is batshit, more or less a
combination -- hyperactive panic.[1]


[1] Most of my observations are twenty or more years
old, so the meaning may have shifted in the mean time.

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