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Thu Sep 17 16:11:58 BST 2009

> From: Harimad <harimad2001 at yahoo.com>
> Early in the series, Lois switched viewpoints frequently,
> by the end there were long stretches separate, even when the
> two are together.  Why?

     While I can't exactly speak for anyone else's internal motivations, speaking from my meager personal experience as a writer, there are two (non-competing) reasons I can think off off the top of my head.  First, at the beginning of the story, giving both characters fairly equal POV time is a way of introducing them, and giving readers sense of who they area and how they think/feel, their reactions to one another, etc.  As the story progresses and the characters have been established, there's less need of that, and one character can carry the POV for a longer spell of time.

     Second, sometimes it's easier/more interesting/more informative to tell certain parts of a story from a particular character's viewpoint, which aspect might come into effect as the story moves away from introductions and kicks into gear.  I've had a lot of stories refuse to write easily until I figured out which character needed to have the POV for a given scene.

      Anyway, gross speculation, but that's some of what we're here for, right?  :)

                -- Ruth


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