[LMB] OT: identifying a rodent

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 20 17:53:02 BST 2009

To answer questions:
M1> Markus: was the tail skinny or had lots of fur ..? it would
M1> help if you could tell us where exactly you saw this aninmal
Skinny, not a lot of fur, not sure what you mean by "where exactly you saw this animal."  You read my message so "in a pile of leaves in the window well" isn't the answer you're looking for. 

> M2: Markus later links to a pix of a lesser white-toothed shrew
Ah, now I understand what you mean by where exactly I am.  I'd call that asking approximately where I am: US Mid-Atlantic.  That pix is similar but there are a number of differences.  In the critter I saw, the back legs & feet aren't so elongated, but are more mouse-like.  Its nose isn't as pointy.  Its tail is shorter relative to body length and is more blunt, but looks to be about as fuzzy.  If the picture is really accurate, then my critter's fur is softer, shinier and browner.  Really, it had lovely fur that made me think of sable.

>M3: Megaera posts that it sounds like a shrew
> Ounce for ounce, the most vicious animal on earth, or so
> a biology professor once told me <g>.
That's not happy news, because I just found a dead one on the laundry room floor.  It's double-wrapped in my freezer, in case I need to show it to an exterminator.
C> Claire: Time of day seen?
Daytime.  Saw it again after I posted, skittering around.  The tail is shorter than I reported, <1".

- Harimad

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