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> James wrote:
>> Michael (Little Egret) Dolbear says that the third book
>> (of the Theo Waitley series is implied) "Mouse & Dragon"
>> comes out in June.

Mouse and Dragon is the sequel to a book I can't think of the name of, 
which on the timelime is few months after Local Custom, and the first 
publication was package with Local Custom in  volume entitles Pilot's 

Those two books are one of the entry points for the Liaden univere [TM] 
stories, particularly for science fiction romance readers.

>> The third Theo Waitley book is being written and has
>> the working title "Ghost Ship". It was only started
>> last November so publication will not be soon.

Actually, Ghost Ship is a direct sequel to _I Dare_....  the authors wrote 
Fledgling and Saltation (two books where they originally anticipated one) 
because they needed to learn/know more about a character effecting plot 
teased at at the very end of I Dare--the original publisher wanted a teaser 
at the end of the book to let readers know that I Dare was not the end of 
the Liaden stories line.... and then the publisher went into fiancial 
reverses and ultimately out of business...  Fledgling and Saltation aren't 
part of the mainline Liaden books, or weren't written as being them, they 
were written so the authors would, again, have the background for a 
character driving plot content in the book to follow I Dare.

> Ah.  Oh good.
> Bought Fledging as an ebook recently, thinking oh well, I'll try it,
> the first parts online were... okay - then found OMG that was just a
> draft I did not realize how much more it would get fleshed out!
> Devoured.
> Bought Saltation this week - devoured.  Eager for next.
> Admittedly, even more eager for Mouse and Dragon, as Aelliana is my
> favorite Liaden character EVER.
> I'd seen mention of Ghost Ship, but now I understand why the title.
> Do I need to put comments on Saltation under spoiler space?  I have
> been ... absentee lurking for ages, and ill recently, so am hundreds
> behind and I forget.
> Laura Gallagher
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