[LMB] Barrayaran legal procedures (was SP)

Judy R. Johnson jrj at fidalgo.net
Sun Apr 4 07:41:24 BST 2010

On 4/2/2010 3:32 PM, Walter Bushell wrote:
> On Mar 28, 2010, at 7:35 PM, Tel wrote:
>>> We might well review the legal procedures Miles used in
>>> Mountains of Mourning -- they seemed sensible.
>> Well... there wasn't actually a -trial-. Or any legal counsel for the accused. Or any possibility of appeal. Ma Mattulich didn't even get to speak undrugged in her own defense. Given it was a death penalty case that's all a bit disturbing. And the kind of, er, discretion Miles shows is something that could be abused like crazy.
> That's the weak point of the Vor system. It all depends on the man (gender important here) at the top.
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  NEW -- JRJ> When I said that about Miles' procedures, I was only 
referring to the safeguards surrounding the use of Fast Penta -- 
witnesses and allergy test patches and formal consent -- actually, I 
don't have the book with me (I'm at a convention).  The precautions used 
when Ekaterin was interrogated in Komarr were even more rigid because 
Miles was concerned for her and insisted on every smallest regulation 
being observed by the local authority.  That is how "truth serum" ought 
to be used, and the evidence ought to be admissible if it is, in some 
much improved future.

I was not, in the topmost quote, referring to the rest of the trial 
procedures.  It's been awhile since then, and I hope I didn't fail to 
make myself clear at that time, but if I did, I apologize.  That trial 
in MoM was not arranged in the way I would like my own community to use, 
for sure.  Its outcome if someone other than Miles had been in charge 
would most likely have resulted in a tragedy.

Entwife Judy
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