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Rebekah wrote:
> Paula sez:
>> The missionary is working out of an assumption base and worldview which demands the missionary not particularly respect traditions and values and interests of other people which are out of keeping with those of the missionary....
> Thank you for the qualifier, Paula.  I am so sorry your experiences have been so awful and invasive.
> I have some good news and some bad news :)  Modern church missions, at least in part, are showing a new respect for the cultures they live in, looking for points of convergence and trying to value these areas.  <snip>
> The bad news is that there are still a lot of people out there who have not caught up to the idea of valuing indigenous cultures and seeking to understand & love & assist people where they're at. 
I have to add, where I don't have a dog in this fight per se, 
unfortunately my great aunt Bessie is unfortunately a contributor to the 
issue. She founded an organization that proseletizes specifically to 
children by essentially taking them away and putting them in christian 
boarding schools for 'education' and turns them into good little 
christians despite the original religion of their families being 
perfectly good - just not whatever flavor of christianity.

personally if I were dictator of any random country that organizations 
try to preach as a condition of their 'aid' programs, they would be 
bounced out so fast your head would spin. Actually I would probably make 
missioning a deportable offence. I had enough issues being preached at 
and I am nominally christian.

So, list christians - if you go to the republic of Banana, which is 
nominally Catholic [and perhaps an admixture of a few protestants, some 
jews and a nominal muslim for flavor], why do you feel the need to turn 
them into protestants, isnt catholic good enough to get into heaven? 
Isn't their flavor of protestant good enough? Isnt jewish good enough 
for their form of heaven? isnt muslim good enough for their version of 
paradise? All are people of the book and *theoretically* all honor the 
same diety....


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