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Raye Johnsen raye_j at yahoo.com
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Here's a thing that came up recently with me, that I hope you guys can help me with...

My mother has recently obtained a little MP3 player and naturally enough has started using it.  Because she has also recently joined a book club she has also become interested in audiobooks for her MP3 player.  Because she's an SF/mystery fan (seriously, she's the only person I ever met who likes Georgette Heyer's mysteries better than her romances*) she wants those sort of audiobooks, and because she's retired and watching her pennies, she wants the ones that are available for free or very low cost (I'm talking max $5/book).

I've put her on to Project Gutenberg's audio section, but while she does like the 'classic' stuff of the Fifties and Sixties, there really is very little SF or mystery stories out of copyright at all, much less available in audio.  (Kind of bewildering, really; I'm in my thirties and I've grown up with SF, I think of things like 'Dune', 'The Left Hand of Darkness', 'Foundation' and 'Glory Road' in terms of 'classic' and 'genre-defining', but when I actually go and look, the earliest SF writer I know of was Jules Verne, and for all I hear about the classic pulps of the Thirties I haven't heard of, much less read, anything other than Verne dated earlier than 1949.  How young we are!)

So, can anyone please point me in directions to help me find some free/cheap (less than $5/book) SF audiobooks?


*Which is not to say that they're *bad*; I quite like them myself, but part of what I love about Heyer's romances is the crazy supporting cast and the absolute comedy of certain passages, and they are  distinctly absent from the mysteries.

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