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Eric Oppen technomad at intergate.com
Mon Apr 12 21:46:05 BST 2010

Quoting Carol Cooper <carolcooper at shaw.ca>:

> To Sherwood a little, as I don't live in Britain any more I can't claim to
> be one of the people who got Foxhunting banned, but I'd have been proud to
> have been involved.  I don't know why Eric would go so far out of his way to
> frustrate me and my kind?
> Carol

Because my impression of many if not most of the anti-fox-hunting  
people is that while they talk a lot about cruelty to the poor little  
foxes, they have other motives---mainly "sticking a pin in the toffs."  
  I notice that very few, if any, of them, have a word to say against  
angling, which could be said to be equally cruel to fish.  Angling,  
unlike fox hunting, is a sport widely practiced by "ordinary folk,"  
though, so going after it would not be as much fun or as popular.

I almost certainly would not hunt even if I were in Britain---horses  
cost money, and it helps to live in the countryside---but I would not  
lift a finger to stop people from doing it.  And if I did, I'd be  
willing to listen to people who tried to _reason with me_ about  
it...I'll hear out any case that is brought before me...but I do  
reserve the right to say "no, I disagree" and have that be the end of  
the matter.  _Moral suasion,_ you may always try...but unless I am  
doing something _mala in se,_ do not invoke the law against me.

Another reason is because I am utterly disgusted by the British  
animal-rights and "anti-cruelty" movements in general.  They harassed  
a farmer unmercifully for _years and years_ because he bred guinea  
pigs to sell to laboratories; they went as far as digging a dead  
relative of his out of her grave and hiding the corpse to put pressure  
on him.

And I am also less than sympathetic to the fox.  Foxes are predators  
themselves, and I can assure you that their kills are by no means  
painless.  They are also not endangered, so the argument from scarcity  
holds no water.

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