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> At 12:47 PM 04/16/2010 Jane Hotchkiss wrote:
>>For those of you with gas stoves, are you aware that most now have 
>>electric starters, even with pilot lights, and consequently aren't usable 
>>when the electricity is unavailable?

Dumb question time--how  long will gas continue being delivered if the power 
goes out for weeks, and deliveries to the pipelines stop?!

> I've never seen a gas stove that couldn't be lit with a match regardless 
> of how it was supposed to be lit. Is there something about new ones that 
> prevents you from doing that?

There are some other alternatives--portable  intended-for-coal grills with a 
supply of coal (or perhaps even wood),  backyard barbecue pits which can use 
charcoal or wood...   There are even solar cookers, though I can't recall 
having seen any for sale in stores.

Other useful things --windup flashlights. 

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