[LMB] OT: survival - was Barrayar: Vordarian and troop control

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> On Apr 17, 2010, at 12:06 AM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>> EMP doesn't generally kill people....
> No, but the destruction of infrastructure does.  I'm reminded of 
> Stirling's Dies the Fire, which shows the survival of the few who are 
> prepared, skillful, and lucky in similar circumstances (putative alien 
> space bats aside).

What anmar said, EMP doesn't all-out obliterate infrasture.  Electronics 
kills can be boring to see--electronics kill a missile and what happens is 
that it obeys Newtonian physics in a pure ballistic trajectory.   EMP doen't 
work however on e.g. fiber optic cable--hit with all-frequencies broadband 
EMP unshielded fibers bleach out for a very short time and then return to 
operations with 1/3 of the maximum data rate transmission capacity, if I 
recall correctly,  that they had before the attack.  Copper cabling can be 
"clamped" to deal with power surges and protect electronics, including power 
surge from lightning strikes and other extreme overvoltage conditions.

I haven't read Dies the Fire, however, Stirling enjoys writing books with an 
eye towards a certain degree of shocking people in sensationalist ways, such 
as his depiction of "the Aztecs were NOT nice people!" in the Island in the 
Sea of Time series.... 

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