[LMB] WA discussion: the "original" Dendarii

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Fri Apr 23 23:31:51 BST 2010

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 8:16 PM, nikohl nikohl <annikohl at lycos.com> wrote:
> As is pointed out in The Vor Game, there aren't a whole lot of "old Dendarii" -- that is, folks who were around at its inception. Excluding later arrivals such as Taura, and Miles himself, who's your favorite Dendarii mercenary, and why?

Hmmm... I don't remember that statement, but I guess it makes sense as
far as a mercenary army goes -- high attrition rates, not necessarily
a lifetime career, but a job to earn money and then go on to something
else, etc.

I was actually struck, when reading tWA, how many of the characters
introduced (possibly as very minor characters) actually are very much
the main characters later in the series.

I mean, how many people expect the nameless faceless woman to become a
very important character later on?  Or really, the rest of the
'random' new crew?  All of them could so very easily have been
forgotten in any subsequent books.  The only really necessary ones
would be the main characters from this book already -- Elena and Baz.
Otherwise, the rest of the described Dendarii Mercenaries could be
completely ignored in the latter books. And really, even they could be
left out, if desired.  (important assignments elsewhere can involve
any of the mercenaries, really).

So who is there already introduced in tWA? Elena Bothari-Jesek, Bazil
Jesek, Bel Thorne, Ky Tung, Arde Mayhew, Elli Quinn, Miles Naismith
(okay, that's stretching it, but really, he's not Miles Vorkosigan, is
he?).  Not Auson, as far as I remember, though I could easily be wrong
there.  I think he's the only named person of any importance in this
book who doesn't return.  But it certainly seems like a lot!

Anyway, that does answer the question, which I guess I'll get to now.
I'm not really particularly fond of any of the mercenaries.  I do like
Bel quite a lot and Taura who comes later.  Like other say, it'd be
very cool to get some backstory on Bel.

Of course, it's the only herm that we really get to see at all.  I'd
be happy to see any herm up close and personal in the Vorkosiverse.
Especially as a romantic partner with one of the other main characters
we already know.  Or their kids (Miles' or Gregor's kids, that would
be interesting...).


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