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>> Again, in spite of what politicians may say, people are not denied health
>> care even when they cannot pay. Especially, as was implied, obstetrics. If
>> they can pay, they will have to if they want the care.
> People are not denied emergency health care, like giving brith.  But if
> you can't pay for routine health care, like pre-natal care, you're out
> of luck.

Actually most state Medicaid programs pay for prenatal care because it
clearly reduces some very, very expensive neonate problems, like
preterm birth.  However, you have to be prettty darn poor to qualify
for Medicaid, and if you don't, that does not necessarily mean you can
afford health insurance.

Major problems arise *after* birth, when New Baby is usually covered
by Medicaid, SCHIP etc. until age 12 or so, but Mom is usually not.
And Dad? Hah.  If he can work, he's not going to qualify for any
government-funded health care, period.  The US actually has a pretty
good (but not great) safety net in place for poor kids' basic
healthcare; it's the parents who have trouble.


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