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Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 03:29:20 GMT 2010

JB> James Bryant quoted Terrance and Ethan:

> (Terrance says) "So what is the test of humanity?"
> "Well? You have free will, obviously, or you could not
> be opposing your creators. Therefore you are not an
> automaton, but a child of God the Father, answerable
> to Him according to your abilities," Ethan catechized.
> If Ethan had sprouted wings and flapped up to the
> ceiling Cee could not be staring at him in more shaken
> astonishment. It seemed as though these perfectly obvious
> facts had never before been presented to him.
> Cee strained forward. "What am I to you, then, if not a
> monster?"
> Ethan scratched his chin reflectively. "We all remain
> children of the Father, however we may otherwise be
> orphaned. You are my brother, of course."

JB> This short passage tells us volumes about Ethan's
JB> morality and humanity

I wonder what Ethan's answer would have been if *Elli* asked him the same question, and whether it would have been the same answer at the beginning of the book as at the end.

I'm not sure what Ethan would have said but I am certain that a woman would present him with more mental difficulties than a "monster" man.

- Harimad


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