[LMB] FIC: Re: Cordelia's "therapy"

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Fri Dec 10 07:08:08 GMT 2010

I think everyone has heard my perspective on this. I did eventually
put it in fic form. Here's my Mehta fic. It's called Witchhunt.


>> As for death squads vs. forced psychotherapy, and people disappearing
>> in the night, if Cordelia would have not escaped from Beta back then,
>> she would quite efficiently be eaten by the dark = sent to involuntarily
>> psychotherapy, for who knows for how long, with slim chances to ever
>> work again, all for her own good surely, and she would not even dare to
> Lots of listies say this, but I'm not sure there's any reason to believe
> it.  Seems to me that far more likely is that they manage to pump
> fast-penta into her, she involuntarily explains why she's been behaving
> so oddly, they go "oh.  oh, my" and release her, and whatever happens
> after Betan therapists find out the invasion of Escobar was an
> assassination-feint, happens.


Me, I think honor required her to tell her people about this. Still
requires. It would have been the right thing to do.

I think Aral, himself the honorable soldier (well, quote-unquote),
expected her to.


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