[LMB] Cetaganda: Twin Empires and the Occupation

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 1 05:10:50 BST 2010

Tel says she thinks she's in the minority, but she doesn't believe the Cetagandan Empire is that old.

Hmmm. First off, I think we have to define "old." As an American, my idea of "old" is a lot younger than, say, the Japanese idea of "old." If the haut have been around only two or three centuries, that's only three or four generations of haut . . . I think we would have seen that.

However, maybe for whatever reasons, the haut and their ghems were isolated in a backwater for centuries. Maybe the haut even came first as part of a genetic engineering scheme of self-improvement. They filled up the home world, and then perhaps they started expanding at a great rate, and perhaps the other Cetagandan worlds aren't as filled with the twinkling lights of humanity as the homeworld. I can't remember seeing any other C-worlds.

I can see the expansion as being fairly recent. Perhaps 50 or so years before Barrayar was rediscovered? Enough to give them a head start in the colonization area (which kind of follows Japan's colonial ambitions, too -- they went from isolation to the "co-prosperity sphere" of colonial ambition in about 50 years, if I remember the dates right). So, Barrayar in that context would be a kind of Thailand? 

I would put Cetagandan haut/ghem culture at about 1000 years, if I were forced to name a random number. Then the recent expansions at about 250 to 300 years ago. 


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