[LMB] Cetaganda: origin of haut

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> Life as a 3rd class citizen on Cetaganda might actually be
> more free than life as a ghem, and certainly more than life
> as a haut. There would be areas that might make our blood
> run cold, such as the old samurai right to behead any
> commoner he pleased to, but we haven't seen it.

Well, it's not a fun place to be an intellectual dissident, we know that.  Not being ghem is probably a bit less hazardous overall than being ghem, but that's because private lethal feuds and getting shot for doing your job seem par for the course among ghem. 

> If anyone has re-read "1984" recently, life as a prole
> seemed to be freer and even more prosperous than life as an
> Outer Party (Civil Service) bureaucrat. 

Yes - relatively!


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