[LMB] Cetaganda: Haut Population Growth

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Wed Jun 2 10:25:25 BST 2010

Rebekah thinks that:-

 >...if they desired a population explosion, they 
could manufacture one, as Vormuir did.

There are costs. EoA Chapter 5:-

“Not likely,” remarked Ethan. “Not battalions, anyway.”

“Why not? Why not clone as many as you want, once you've made the mold?”

“Oh, certainly, you could produce quantities of 
infants­although it would take enormous resources 
to do so. Highly trained techs, as well as 
equipment and supplies. But don't you see, that’s 
just the beginning. It’s nothing, compared to 
what it takes to raise a child. Why, on Athos it 
absorbs most of the planet’s economic resources. 
Food of course­housing­education, clothing, 
medical care­it takes nearly all our efforts just 
to maintain population replacement, let alone to 
increase. No government could possibly afford to 
raise such a specialized, non-productive army.”

Elli Quinn quirked an eyebrow. “How odd. On other 
worlds, people seem to come in floods, and 
they’re not necessarily impoverished, either.”

Ethan, diverted, said, “Really? I don't see how 
that can be. Why, the labor costs alone of 
bringing a child to maturity are astronomical. 
There must be something wrong with your accounting.”

Her eyes screwed up in an expression of sudden 
ironic insight. “Ah, but on other worlds the 
labor costs aren't added in. They’re counted as free.”

Ethan stared. “What an absurd bit of double 
thinking! Athosians would never sit still for 
such a hidden labor tax! Don’t the primary 
nurturers even get social duty credits?”

“I believe,” her voice was edged with a peculiar 
dryness, “they call it women’s work."  

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