[LMB] Cetaganda: the goal of haut

catherine muir c_muir68 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 2 15:48:30 BST 2010

I've been thinking about the phrase "the goal of haut" which is used by the haut, particularly in the discussion between the Emperor and the haut ladies, without further explanation.


One reason would be that they all knew what the goal was.


A more interesting reason would be that they had not yet decided what it was; like the eventual shape of the genome, they were not yet done tinkering, and they were content simply that there should be a goal without requiring to define it on more than a temporary ongoing basis.  


So the goal itself would change/evolve as each leadership change put its own slant on matters: Lisbet Degdiar's goal is not Rian's is not Fletchir's and is not what their offsprings' will be.  


And the goal of haut is not the goal of ghem; ghem are there (from the point of view of haut) to provide a control mechanism for how well Cetagandans function against other varieties of human, and against one another, on the basis of competition.  That competition could be war; it could equally well be trade or other interaction.  The genetics of the competitive mechanism are down to the haut input; the rest is, as far as I can see, up to the ghem.    Hmmm....  

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