[LMB] Betan men and birth control, was: Cordelia's implant

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Sat Jun 5 14:04:17 BST 2010

From: Elin B <elbju at yahoo.se>
Date: 05 June 2010 11:10

> This is something I've wondered for a while - what happens if a Betan
guy gets a female non-Betan pregnant (assuming she doesn't have
contraceptive implants)? If the guy doesn't have enough child credits,
does he have no rights in Betan law to be regarded as the child's
co-parent? Does the mother and baby have any right to child support from
Betan authorities? Or would she, conversely, be expelled and banned from
Beta for breaking the law - maybe even before the baby can be born? Etc.

See Cordlelia's discussion with Mark  [MD ch 12] 

"What am I, to you as a Betan?" he asked, nervously fascinated.
"Either my son or my son once removed," she answered promptly.
"Unlicensed, but claimed by me as an heir."
"Those are actual legal categories, on your homeworld?"
"If you were still a minor, he and I could go before an Adjudicator, and
your guardianship would be assigned according to the Adjudicator's best
judgment of your welfare."

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