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On Sun, 06 Jun 2010 15:05:15 -0400, vince the alien zookeeper wrote:

>  Wiki-link-


>  I'll have to use this in something, I think. I've seen this reference before on the list, and I might
>  have read on of these. I'm looking for a copy of the Chinese Folktale, Heroes of the Water Margin...

>  I've got a setting, Dragons and Killer Angels, with a human/alien accidental colony, Tienshan. The humans
>  are a mix, but most of the original generation was PLA, and they downshift into an agrarian, verging on industrial, society.

You might find it as simply _The Water Margin_ or _All Men Are Brothers_, Vince. Not a folktale but a full-fledged novel, as is _The Golden Lotus_.

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