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This is  a book about a man from a planet of men, who likes men and helps a 
man he  likes very much indeed escape from Cetagandan slavery.

So let's start  this discussion with Elli. 

This book, published directly after The  Warrior's Apprentice, is the book 
that gave Elli Quinn a face and a  personality. Aside from a brief stretch 
in Mirror Dance, it's the only time we  see her away from Miles, though Miles 
is very much on her mind  throughout.  

Elli's home is on Kline Station, but she's not  coming home. She has a job 
to do. 

What do you think of Elli here?  

Elli was young and on her first undercover assignment.  She takes some  
chances that I don't think she would have after more experience, but she 
manages  to pull them off well enough to convince Miles to keep her doing that 
sort of  work.  I like her as a person, I think.  She makes mistakes--for  
instance, she gets her cousin in trouble without seeming to have given a thought 
 to the possibility that his helping her would do so--but she's bright and  
energetic, and at that point in his life seems a good match for Miles.

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