[LMB] Ethan of Athos: Elli Quinn

Philomytha blaise_writer at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 23:00:55 BST 2010

I first met Elli in Memory (owing to an almost pathological inability to 
read a series in order) and she didn't come across wonderfully there, 
being Miles' past rather than his future, but I like her much better in 
EoA. She's a bit ruthless with Ethan, and very sneaky, but she does some 
clever stuff. Her bit of tactical judo with the false STD report is fun, 
as is the whole business with the newts, and I really liked that she 
agrees to donate an ovary to Athos. The idea of hundreds of little 
Quinns running around there is just delightful, and it shows a more 
generous side to Elli's character.


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