[LMB] Judge Dee, was An unexpected Bujold fan?

Louann Miller louann at millerdome.com
Tue Jun 8 16:06:14 BST 2010

Lois McMaster Bujold wrote:
> ***  For the interested, the Chinese Imperial Censors as encountered 
> through Robert Van Gulik's Judge Dee books were an inspiration for 
> Imperial Auditors.   (And Dee's earlier career as a district 
> magistrate for Miles's role in "The Mountains of Mourning", as well.)
I ran across those books quite by chance and I love them. Maybe time for 
a reread. Ancient China was more alien than most SF aliens, and yet 
really absorbing.

It did strike me, when we went over "Mountains of Mourning" in detail, 
that the job of Count's Voice was more like an Imperial Auditor's than 
anything else he did in his early career. (Auditor as Emperor's Voice?) 
Gregor must have looked at that incident very carefully when he made his 
decision to offer Miles a permanent slot.

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