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Well, his constant search for a Lady Vorkosigan would seem to indicate
he knew he had to do that to prepare (or he would have been entirely
satisfied by Ellie).  He's actually getting a great deal more command
and executive experience with the Dendarii Mercenaries (without having
to deal with the genetic prejudices at home) than any of his

It is definitely nice for Miles that by the time he has to deal with
Barrayar in a public fashion (IOW, other than just the
military/ImpSec), he's placed by Gregor in a position where his
physical deformities are completely irrelevant, not to mention
dangerous to bring up in an insulting fashion.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 8:12 AM, Louann Miller <louann at millerdome.com> wrote:
> Miles has known all his life that he's eventually going to be Count
> Vorkosigan. In what we've seen of his career, how has he been preparing
> himself for the role? And how has he been dodging the role, both because of
> the attractions of Admiral Naismith's life and because it would mean
> planning for his father's death? How does he compare to other feudal
> characters we love (there must be something with Crawford) in coping with
> this role?
> Louann
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