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Bear in mind, Ethan only took one ovary, Quinn still has the other.  So it is entirely possible that she may end up with descendents outside of Athos, however likely she thinks that right now (For some value of "now").

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> Of course, all the little Quinns will be male...

It just occurred to me...given Herself's fondness for "what's the  
worst thing I can do to this character?" one thing that might happen  
might be a bunch of the Quinnlets (Five of them, or a "Quinn-tet?")  
heading out into the galaxy, and running across her.

And if there were a female descendant (maybe some of the tissue got  
used by someone else somehow?) she might go into psychiatry, and one  
day, run into a murderous killer clown and fall madly in love...

"Auditor Vorkosigan, you are requested and required to stop the  
depredations of the madwoman Harley Quinn!"

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