[LMB] Ethan of Athos: The bit where Ethan's sleeping with his brother

Claire Nollet cnollet at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 05:18:49 BST 2010

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 11:44 PM, Tel <teluekh at yahoo.com> wrote:

> >Does this weird anyone else out?
> Sure, they're not directly related, but in many cases Athosian families
> -will- be related. Having children with their partner's 'mother' seems to be
> a theme, and Ethan's half-brother is the half-brother of Janos's
> half-brother. Given Athos's limited gene pool they're probably faintly
> related themselves. Yet this seems to be accepted as totally normal by
> everyone.
> What makes this semi-fraternal relationship different from the one between
> Miles and Gregor? (slashers welcome to comment too!)<

I think a lot of our squick factor about incest stems from the very real
biologic fear of mutation from consanguinity.

But I kind of balked at Janos  and Ethan, too.

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