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>>But, Elli was not in love with Miles Vorkosigan,
>>only with Miles Naismith. 
>Its probably just me  but I've never seen Miles 
>personality as that polarized (even if he does!), 
>to me its different duties/identities which means 
>you act differently. Elli didn't like his other 
>duties but it was still Miles. I know Miles case
>is more extreme (heh) but arent we all different 
>at home than we are at >work? Different with some
>friends than we are with family? Same personality
>different contexts. Miles just labelled his. :)
>Riz (feeling contrary and peculiar)

As Elli sees it, and we have textev about
that, Miles is acting to be lord Vorkosigan
("I've heard you do his accent"). All what
Lord Vorkosigan is, for Elly is acting. She
cannot understand how Miles can still be 
committed to Barrayar. It may be difficult to
understand, but he *is*, and she waves it off
as silly. While in the same time, that commitment
*is* his core. And she does not understand or 
accept that.
It is her, who sees Vorkosigan and Naismith
as completely polarized, to the measure that
Vorkosigan is negligible to her. 

Another important difference between them is 
in this quote:
Elli sais: "A mercenary fleet sees ten times 
the action of a planetary one. A dirtball may 
see war once a generation, if it's lucky-"

 "Or unlucky," Miles interpolated."

Their priorities are, already at that 
point in Miles' life, completely opposite.
That's why I never saw them as a matching
couple. One of them should give up his/hers
deepest beliefs, so that they could last 
together. That was never a good fundament
for a lasting relationship, if one of the
couple has to pretend all the time.
Now, I am not saying that opposites cannot
last together, and that they have to be
identical in everything. Just in the way
they are generally directed.

You can take a Vorkosigan out of Barrayar,
but you cannot take Barrayar out of a Vorkosigan.


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